How much time do you spend grading Saxon Math papers?

My Math Assistant is an online Saxon Math grading service designed to give the student the power to grade their own lessons and tests — without handing them the answer book.

[My Math Assistant] was a lifesaver!!! I did not have to look at / grade daily math papers. I looked at each lesson and if there was a problem commonly missed, we went over that one the next day. [My Math Assistant] really saved me a lot of time. I could tell right away who did what lesson and what the students were not understanding.

Private school teacher (spring 2020)
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Immediate Feedback

Students receive instant feedback on their Saxon Math lessons and tests so they can rework problems right away. No more waiting for the parent/teacher to grade and return.

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Focus On What’s Important

Parents/teachers get the exact information needed to know what each student needs help with. Concept Mastery reports show you areas of weakness in your student’s understanding.

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Testing and Grading

Automatically (and optionally) administers Saxon Math tests and calculates scores to simplify the assessment and grading process.

Teaching Remotely?

A big challenge of teaching remotely is how to grade your students’ work from a distance and get a good idea of how well they are understanding the material. My Math Assistant solves this problem beautifully! Not only does it free you from the burden of grading, but you get detailed reports on which students are struggling or which concepts your class as a whole could use help with. Your students benefit from the immediate feedback and the learning opportunities that come from correcting their own work. You get to focus your class meeting time on what is most important for your students!


Here is a list of textbooks that My Math Assistant currently supports.
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For small groups, pricing starts at $20/student for the whole school year. Contact us for large groups.

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