Saxon Math 3

3rd edition

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Saxon Math 3 is a comprehensive math textbook designed for 3rd-grade students, intended to be used after the completion of Saxon Math 2 and before using Saxon Math 5/4 or Intermediate 4. Saxon Math uses a spiral approach, employing incremental development of new math concepts and continuous review of previous concepts.

This book consists of 140 lessons covering topics such as skip-counting; identifying ordinal positions; adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers; dividing by single-digit divisors; adding positive and negative numbers; adding and subtracting fractions; plus measurements, mass, function rules, coordinate graphs, angles, and lines of symmetry (see table of contents below). The teacher's edition contains fully scripted lessons that you can go over with your student. There are A/B worksheets that can be completed with each lesson, math facts practice, and tests every 5 lessons.

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Video Lessons

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Table of Contents

Lesson 1 Telling Time to the Hour
Lesson 2 Graphing Data on a Bar Graph
Lesson 3 Reading a Graph Addition Facts Doubles to 18
Lesson 4 Time Half Hour Adding One Adding Zero
Lesson 5 Using Ruler Measure Nearest Inch
Lesson 6 Identifying Measuring Length Width Rectangle
Lesson 7 Ordering Numbers to 100
Lesson 8 Addition Facts Adding Two
Lesson 9 Even Odd Numbers Some Some More Stories
Lesson 10 Identifying Relative Worth Pattern Blocks
Lesson 11 Dividing Squares Into Two Four Equal Parts
Lesson 12 Counting Dimes Nickels One Dollar
Lesson 13 Addition Facts Doubles Plus One
Lesson 14 Identifying Some Some Went Away Stories
Lesson 15 Adding Ten To Two Digit Number
Lesson 16 Drawing Pictures Writing Number Sentences Some More Some Went Away Stories
Lesson 17 Dividing Squares Two Four Eight Equal Parts Shading Halves Fourths Eig
Lesson 18 Addition Facts Sums Ten
Lesson 19 Reading thermometer nearest ten degrees rounding nearest ten drawing c
Lesson 20 Making pattern block design with given value
Lesson 21 Rounding numbers nearest ten subtracting facts subtracting one
Lesson 22 Dividing square three equal parts thirds common geometric shapes
Lesson 23 Rewriting numbers regrouping tens ones trading dimes pennies
Lesson 24 Identifying meaning multiplication sign counting by sevens
Lesson 25 Subtracting Ten from a Two-Digit Number
Lesson 26 Identifying Dozen Half Dozen Writing Fractions Using Fraction Bar
Lesson 27 Counting Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies - Addition Facts - Adding Nine
Lesson 28 Writing Money Amounts Using the ¢ and $ Symbols
Lesson 29 Reading and Shading a Thermometer to the Nearest Two Degrees
Lesson 30 Identifying Addition Fact Patterns
Lesson 31 Addition Facts Last Eight Multiplying Ten
Lesson 32 Constructing Number Line
Lesson 33 Fraction Number Sentences Equal One
Lesson 34 Using Ruler Measure Nearest Centimeter Adding Multiples Ten
Lesson 35 Drawing Congruent Line Segments Using Centimeters
Lesson 36 Adding Multiples of Ten to a Number
Lesson 37 Writing Number Sentences for Some More and Some Went Away Stories
Lesson 38 Finding Half Set Objects Subtracting Half Double
Lesson 39 Counting Quarters Subtraction Facts Subtracting Zero Differences Zero
Lesson 40 Tallying Collecting Data
Lesson 41 Identifying am and pm - Identifying Missing Digits
Lesson 42 Reading a Thermometer - Subtraction Facts (Differences of One)
Lesson 43 Identifying Horizontal, Vertical, and Oblique Line Segments
Lesson 44 Adding Multiples of 100
Lesson 45 Adding Three or More Single-Digit Numbers
Lesson 46 Multiplying Seven Naming Drawing Line Segments
Lesson 47 Identifying Solving Equal Groups Stories
Lesson 48 Multiplying by One - Writing Division Three Ways - Dividing by One and Ten
Lesson 49 Finding Perimeter
Lesson 50 Making Shapes Given Value
Lesson 51 Graphing Using Scale Ten
Lesson 52 Estimating Volume Containers Ordering Identifying One Cup Liquid Measu
Lesson 53 Identifying Cup Pint Quart Half Gallon Gallon Liter Containers
Lesson 54 Telling Showing Time Five Minute Intervals
Lesson 55 Measuring Drawing Line Segments Nearest Half Inch
Lesson 56 Reading Numbers 999
Lesson 57 Creating Pictograph
Lesson 58 Using Comparison Symbols
Lesson 59 Multiplying Two
Lesson 60 Locating Information Map
Lesson 61 Writing Part Set Fraction
Lesson 62 Identifying Hundreds Tens Ones
Lesson 63 Measuring Cups Tablespoons Teaspoons Reading Recipe
Lesson 64 Subtracting Multiples 10 100 Comparing Ordering Three Digit Numbers
Lesson 65 Identifying Missing Addend Some Some More Story
Lesson 66 Following Recipe Measuring
Lesson 67 Squaring Numbers Identifying Perfect Squares
Lesson 68 Showing Fractional Amounts Greater One Writing Sizes Pattern Block Pie
Lesson 69 Adding Two Digit Numbers Using Mental Computation
Lesson 70 Reading Chart Rounding Numbers Nearest Ten Creating Bar Graph
Lesson 71 Writing Three Digit Numbers Using Digits
Lesson 72 Identifying Ordinal Positions Twentieth Multiplying Five
Lesson 73 Writing Numbers to 100 Using Words
Lesson 74 Measuring Nearest Millimeter
Lesson 75 Multiplying Four
Lesson 76 Drawing Line Graph
Lesson 77 Reading Writing Money Amounts $100 Writing Checks
Lesson 78 Writing Date Using Digits Subtracting Nine Number
Lesson 79 Square Roots Perfect Squares
Lesson 80 Making Reasonable Predictions Collecting Analyzing Data
Lesson 81 Adding Two and Three Digit Numbers
Lesson 82 Writing Numbers 999 Using Words Subtraction Facts Differences Nine
Lesson 83 Identifying Number Days Month Year
Lesson 84 Selecting Coins Given Amount
Lesson 85 Multiplying by Eight
Lesson 86 Adding Money Amounts Decimals
Lesson 87 Subtraction Facts Last Sixteen Facts
Lesson 88 Reading Temperature Celsius Scale
Lesson 89 Finding Fractional Part Set Determining Age
Lesson 90 Identifying Compass Directions Map
Lesson 91 Addition Three Addends
Lesson 92 Measuring Drawing Line Segments Nearest Quarter Inch
Lesson 93 Telling Time Minute
Lesson 94 Subtracting Two Digit Numbers
Lesson 95 Multiplying Three Six
Lesson 96 Estimating Measuring Distance Using Feet Yards
Lesson 97 Subtracting Two and Three Digit Numbers
Lesson 98 Subtracting Two and Three Digit Numbers
Lesson 99 Writing Three Digit Numbers Expanded Form
Lesson 100 Recording Growth Line Graph
Lesson 101 Reading Writing Numbers 99,999 Multiplying Numbers 1,000
Lesson 102 Adding Money Amounts 99,999.99 Writing Checks Money Amounts
Lesson 103 Telling Time Quarter Hour
Lesson 104 Subtracting Across Zeros
Lesson 105 Multiplying By Nine
Lesson 106 Finding Missing Addends Sums of 100
Lesson 107 Making Change $1.00
Lesson 108 Finding Area of Rectangle
Lesson 109 Identifying Solving Larger Smaller Difference Problems
Lesson 110 Identifying Multiplication Fact Patterns Hundred Number Chart
Lesson 111 Multiplying Multiple 10 100 1000 by a Single Digit Number
Lesson 112 Locating Negative Numbers Number Line
Lesson 113 Multiplying Single Digit Number Times Multi Digit Number Using Expand
Lesson 114 Finding Missing Dimension Rectangle
Lesson 115 Acting Out Division Stories
Lesson 116 Dividing Two Five Seven
Lesson 117 Showing Addition Subtraction Multiplication Number Line
Lesson 118 Identifying Parallel Lines Line Segments (1)
Lesson 119 Identifying Function Rule
Lesson 120 Identifying Factors Number Prime Numbers Less Than 20
Lesson 121 Multiplying Using the Multiplication Algorithm
Lesson 122 Dividing by Four and Eight
Lesson 123 Identifying Perpendicular Lines Line Segments
Lesson 124 Appropriate Unit Weight Ounces Pounds Tons Estimating Weight
Lesson 125 Dividing by Three, Six, and Nine
Lesson 126 Division with Remainders
Lesson 127 Identifying Right, Acute, and Obtuse Angles
Lesson 128 Adding Subtracting Fractions Common Denominators
Lesson 129 Dividing Two Digit Number By One Digit Number Quotient Greater Than T
Lesson 130 Using Scale Find Distance Map
Lesson 131 Reading Time Minutes Before Hour
Lesson 132 Simplifying Expressions With Exponents - Multiplying Three or More Factors
Lesson 133 Identifying Lines Symmetry
Lesson 134 Dividing Three Digit Number by a One Digit Number
Lesson 135 Simplifying Expressions with Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
Lesson 136 Adding Positive and Negative Numbers
Lesson 137 Ordering Unit Fractions
Lesson 138 Simplifying an Expression Containing Parentheses
Lesson 139 Creating Coordinate Plane Identifying Location Point Coordinate Plane (1)
Lesson 140 Graphing Points on a Coordinate Plane