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Your students can grade their own math lessons and tests without an answer key!

They receive immediate right/wrong feedback, empowering them to correct their own work and saving you time.

Immediate Feedback/Rework

The best way to learn anything is to know immediately if you are getting it right or wrong and then having an opportunity to try it again.

Reports and Data

You get all the data you need to know exactly where your students need help.

Reclaim your time!

By empowering your students to grade their own work, you will save SO much time and be able to focus on what is important!

Students grade their own work

After working their lesson on paper, students type in their answers and receive immediate right/wrong feedback. They can immediately correct any missed problems (depending on the settings you choose). My Math Assistant has been designed to make the answer-entry process as simple and efficient as possible for students.

Parents/teachers receive email and online reports

When a student finishes a lesson, you will (optionally) receive an email report with the results. You can also see this data and more online in your own dashboard. Scores are calculated automatically and the Concept Mastery report shows you areas of weakness for your student.

Super flexible for your particular way of using Saxon Math

There are options galore! You can limit the practice to odds, evens, or alternating odds/evens. You can set a limit on the number of retries on lessons and different options for tests. You can even skip certain parts of the lesson (warm-up, lesson practice, etc.). If you assign a specific set of questions on each lesson, we even have a solution for that!

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