How It Works

Step 1

Your student inputs their answers to their Saxon Math lessons/tests into My Math Assistant and receives immediate right/wrong feedback.

Step 2

The student reworks the problem until they get it right or run out of attempts (you can customize the # of attempts they get).

Step 3

If the student can’t figure out the problem they click “I Need Help” and move on.

Step 4

When the student has finished their Saxon Math lesson, the parent/teacher receives an email letting them know that the lesson is complete and whether or not the student needs any help.

Step 5

My Math Assistant also includes reports to give you all the insight you need to know how your student is doing and what they need help with. It tracks their scores, progress and includes a Concept Mastery report that identifies potential areas of weakness in their understanding! There are also many settings and options available to allow you to fit this tool to the way you use Saxon Math!

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