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Mastering the core math facts is now automatic!

No more extra papers to copy or grade. Randomized questions produce a better long term mastery.


Math facts get practiced on the same schedule as Saxon Math prescribes and are automatically set up for you.

Randomized Questions/Timer

Math facts are randomized to ensure better mastery and you can optionally turn on a timer to encourage your students to improve their speed.


You can pick and choose exactly what math facts your student works on. Includes some additional math fact options such as Multiplication to 15's.

Reports show strengths/weaknesses

See which math facts your student knows well and which facts need some more practice. Reports break down their performance either by lesson or by the type of math facts.

Completely customize your students' math facts practice

You can change the facts practice on each lesson and test. Give your student a needed break if they are doing well or add some additional practice on the facts that they don't know as well. There are even some custom facts practice not found in Saxon, such as Multiplication to 15's.

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