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Based on need

Build an assignment right from the concept mastery report to work on their greatest need.

By Topic

Or create an assignment with a mix of questions from various topics that you can pick manually.

More Math Facts!

Optionally include math facts practice of your choice on any custom assignment.

Automatically create an assignment based on their needs

You can build an assignment manually or automatically straight from the concept mastery report. This report ranks topics based on your student's performance to show you where they may need some more help and practice. My Math Assistant will create an assignment automatically based on this report with one click! Or you can enter how many questions you would like per topic.

Create an assignment based on topics

You can create an assignment based on various topics by setting one up manually. Pick topics from any book for which we have extra questions and even include some math facts practice of your choice!

Parents/teachers receive email and online reports

When a student finishes a lesson, you will (optionally) receive an email report with the results. You can also see this data and more online in your own dashboard. Scores are calculated automatically and the Concept Mastery report will be updated with data from these custom assignments as well.

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