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My Math Assistant is a Saxon Math grading service designed to give the student the power to grade their own lessons and tests -- without handing them the answer book.


You can now sign up for a Free Trial that will last through June 15th, 2020! No payment information necessary. You can find more information on our Home Page.


Check the current textbooks we support and then register for a Free Trial to use My Math Assistant through the end of this school year! You can find more information on our Home Page.

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Instant Feedback

Students receive instant feedback on their Saxon Math lessons and tests so they can rework problems right away. No more waiting for the parent/teacher to grade and return.

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Focus On What's Important

Parents/teachers get the exact information needed to know what each student needs help with. Concept Mastery reports show you areas of weakness in your student's understanding.

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Testing And Grading

Automatically administers Saxon Math tests and calculates scores to simplify the assessment and grading process.

"I was so excited when I found out about this service! I have 6 children using Saxon Math and it takes me forever to grade their work! We tried out the program today and it seems to work well. No waiting on mom to see if they are finished."


My Math Assistant customer

“I came across your site while looking for an online grading program for Saxon. I have 2 (almost 3) students in various Saxon books and can't keep up with the grading! This site is brilliant!”


My Math Assistant customer

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Give your students the benefit of immediate feedback on their Saxon math lessons so they don't keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Free yourself from the tedious work of grading lessons every day and instead get involved only when your student needs you.

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