Need a break from grading math?
My Math Assistant
can help.

A Saxon Math grading service designed to give the student the power to grade their own lessons and tests -- without handing them the answer book.

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Instant Feedback

Students receive instant feedback so they can rework problems right away. No more waiting for the teacher to grade and return.

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Focus On What's Important

Teachers get the exact information needed to know what each student needs help with. Concept Mastery reports show you areas of weakness in your student's understanding.

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Testing And Grading

Automatically administers tests and calculates scores to simplify the assessment and grading process.

"I was so excited when I found out about this service! I have 6 children using Saxon Math and it takes me forever to grade their work! We tried out the program today and it seems to work well. No waiting on mom to see if they are finished."


My Math Assistant customer

“I came across your site while looking for an online grading program for Saxon. I have 2 (almost 3) students in various Saxon books and can't keep up with the grading! This site is brilliant!”


My Math Assistant customer

A must-have for
Saxon Math

Give your students the benefit of immediate feedback on their math lessons so they don't keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Free yourself from the tedious work of grading lessons every day and instead get involved only when your student needs you.

Lesson Grading

Testing and Scoring


Flexible system


Please let us know if you are interested in using My Math Assistant with other Saxon books!

Math 5/4, Homeschool
Math 6/5, Homeschool
Math 7/6, Homeschool
Math 8/7, Homeschool
Algebra 1/2, 3rd Edition
Algebra 1, 3rd Edition
Algebra 2, 3rd Edition
Advanced Math, 2nd Edition
Saxon Math Course 1 (2007)
Saxon Math Course 2 (2007)
Saxon Math Course 3 (2007)

Flexible Pricing

You'll need one license per student per textbook but if you have a group or big family, please contact us for discounts!

Group/Big Family

If you have more than 2 students in your family or if you belong to a school or co-op, please contact us for group discounts.

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How does the license work?

One license of My Math Assistant is good for one student for one level of Saxon. There is no expiration date on a license.


Can I customize what questions my student sees?

Yes, you can turn off certain sections of each lesson, such as the warm-up or lesson practice. You can also setup the mixed practice to only show odds, evens or alternating odds/evens. If you would like to select a custom set of questions for each lesson, please let us know as this is a feature we are considering.


Can we start in the middle of a book?

Yes! Start your free trial anywhere and if you are over halfway through we offer a discount level of Lesson 61+ for $29.95 and Lesson 91+ for $19.95.


Are you planning to have support for ___ Saxon curriculum?

We are continuing to add more textbooks to our list. Please contact us to let us know what books you'd like to see as that is the primary way in which we gauge interest.

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